A complete small animal practice
Open 6 days a week
Monday – Friday     08.00 – 13.00  14.30 – 18.00
Wednesday – Saturday     08.00 – 13.00
In case of emergencies, please call us at 99 603499
Dr Yiannis Stylianou and his assistant, Mrs Yiota Stylianou will provide complete care for all dogs, cats and small animals.
“STYL VET CLINIC” is a full service veterinary care facility for companion animals. We are committed to delivering high quality service and veterinary care. We strive to keep abreast of new techniques and methods in surgery, medicine and diagnostics. Our services include:
Preventive Medicine Programs - Such as vaccinations, heart worm prevention, internal parasite control, flea and tick control, dental care and cleaning, nutritional consultation, routine physical exams, senior health programs.

Medical Examinations
Just as humans need to have yearly physical exams at their doctors, our pets also need to have a yearly physical exam. This is usually done in conjunction with what ever vaccines are required for that year.
Including spays and castrations and a large variety of other soft tissue surgeries as well as Orthopedic (bone & joint) procedures including cruciate ligament (knee) surgeries
Radiology & Ultrasonography - Both of these modalities are extremely useful and helpful in establishing a diagnosis.
In House, Laboratory Testing (for most blood tests) - If we are not equipped for a particular test then we send samples to a well recognized laboratory (such as Rabies blood test, etc).

Dental Care
We are equipped to ultrasonically clean your pets teeth as well as treat some common dental problems, even tooth fillings.
Patient Records - All patients who are registered in the clinic have their own medical record where all examinations, procedures and therapies are recorded.
Pharmacy - We have an extensive drug inventory. Most medications can be conveniently dispensed at the time of consultation.
Other Services

Pet Foods
To meet your pet's nutritional needs we carry well recognized pet food lines. These diets are of excellent quality and provide complete and balanced nutrition for your pet.
If your companion animal has a special nutritional requirement our doctor will recommend an appropriate diet to support the therapy of various illnesses such as renal disease, liver disease, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, oral health care, urinary tract disease and more.

Microchip Identification
Through the simple process of implanting a rice grain sized microchip under the skin your pet will be identified by a unique number revealed by a scanner. All animal shelters and veterinary clinics should be equipped with a scanner. The whole process is safe, simple and effective.
We use microchips that are recognized internationally.   Ask us for more details when you come for a visit.
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